Wordpress multisite

What is WordPress Multisite?


WordPress multisite was standalone feature up until WordPress 3.0 but has since merged into the main installation and serves as an easy way to manage multiple sites from a master account.


WPMU’s core quality is time efficiency for any webmaster managing a large number of WordPress sites.
It can be setup as a network with one sole proprietor in mind, or as a multilevel entry network with individual user rights. Meaning the first installation can administer and grant access to individual sites, with or without any further admissions.


Once installed your WordPress installation won’t change apart from a new icon appearing below “dashboard“ –> “sites” from which the super user can switch between his installments.


Key benefits


  • Super user control
  • Themes & Plugins are shared and activated by the super user.
  • Updates run across the network for widgets, plugins and themes.
  • Sub domains can be mapped to unique IP-addresses & domain address.
  • Possibility to setup sub networks with different settings from the primary network.




Shared hosting is no longer an option, nor is switching hosts as easy as on the single site.


Who can I see using MU


  • A-list companies with local branches where it’s beneficiary with localized content. Actually any business where it’s a benefit with localized content.
  • Super-affiliates running networks for link building purposes. Be it a PBN or mix, using MU will save you a great deal of time.
  • Community driven sites where users are encouraged to run blogs as a marketing strategy.
  • The typical Web agency will have plenty of customers whom have no idea how to administer, nor wants to concern themselves with managing their own site.


Now I could go into to technical aspects of setting up WordPress Multiuser for your sites, however there are plenty of guides readily available by simply searching. Internetvikings.com on the hand will administer and setup MU as default for all our customers and manage mapping.


A word of caution to anyone thinking of running your sites as network. Prior to experimentering, I would advise you to backup files and check whether your hosting company support the features you desire.


Niklas Zintio 2015-07-15

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