Why SEO hosting?


The general idea with Seo hosting is to create an illusion of link diversification. Instead of working with outreach or linkbaits you simply build, host and maintain sites yourself on diversified IP addresses in order for any linkage to appear natural.


A regular hosting service will usually provide your site with 1 ip-address, which is native to your chosen host’s geo-location. Since IP-addresses are in short supply, any new sites added to your account will most likely end up on the same address. Now imagine if you where Google and found person X, whom seem to own 50 interlinked gaming sites all hosted on the same IP-address. Or neighboring ip addresses? Suspicious?


My bet is that Google will look at IP addresses to determine whether a websites link profile is natural prior to anything else. Why, because it’s by default the most simple way to determine whether something is fishy algorithmically.


Solution = SEO hosting. Rather than one IP-address, you give every site a unique IP that’s not related. What we call C-class diversification. Even better, you can diversify SEO hosting to different countries all from the same server. And besides any link scheme. Google will at face value assume an IP address which is native to the US, is in fact a site targeting US customers. Sure, this can be resolved by other means but none the less, Google will assume a sites target audiance via IP-locality prior to anything else.


Now that’s technical aspects as to why. What are the real benefits you might ask?


I’ve read hundreds of blogg posts by now on how to research links, get more links via great content, info graphs, spreading your content via social media and so on. Be it only a few outline what natural really means. It only seems to pertain as to how the link was acquired or from which source, not what constitutes a natural link in eyes of Googles algorithm besides the obvious spam no, no’s.


Can Google really tell whether your links where acquired through ”honest” methods? Like pay someone to post a do follow link in a bloggpost you’ve provided them with? Or by exchanging links over forums? Why methods like exchanging links and bloggposts with do follow work, is probably by coincidence rather than calculation. Because I bet most if any, will never bother to check whatever IP addresses are in play. But still, it works due to the fact it’s highly unlikely a random exchange of links will be from the same family of IP addresses.


However, should you unknowingly exchange links with a site which happens to be related to yours via IP, you’ve just raised Googles attention. My advice whether this entices you to work with SEO-hosting or not, is to research IP’s just like any other key metric.


What SEO hosting offers is something that won’t raise any eyebrows to an automated algorithm.


  • A) Scalability – Say your an SEO company and have several customers in the same niche. Well, now you can reuse your domains but for different clients. Or the option to not only use the sites yourself but lease links to others.


  • B) Control – Your network is yours, to cultivate or run high risk linkstrategies as you see fit.


  • C) Tiered linkbuilding – A common practice is to keep moneysites out of harms danger by having links pointing to middleman sites. Who if any, will be penalized by Google while your main sites remain intact.


  • D) Infinite link possibilies – Hash on to your network an infinite amount of old domains.


How does it work?


  • A) Rent a VPS or dedicated server with X amount of IPs, based upon geo-location of target audiance and number of sites.


  • B) Map each site to a specific IP adress of your choosen location.


That’s it.


Further i would advice you to setup your network using WordPress multisite, which will make your life as a webmaster much easier over time. Should you find SEO hosting as an attractive option to other strategies, please don’t give yourself away by linking sites via a Google Analytics account. Get whois protection! It doesn’t only protect you from Google, but competitors who have an interest in disclosing your network.


Remember, performance over time is determined by your actions.


Niklas Zintio 2015-07-30

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