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About [ME]

Hey there


This is my simple presentation of whom I’am and what I do.


My credo: Be an expert to a level in your field that’s well beyond what’s expected.


Intent: Is simply to create and keep a journal of things which i find interesting.


Background: My first real job was as support at former Partygaming now bought buy, a move to Ladbrokes landed me job as team manager and later on Affiliate manager for the Nordic region. Once i quit the gaming industry i spent a couple years selling computer hardware and printers. From 2012 and onwards I’ve been working with SEM & Affiliate marketing. Anno 2015 and i am at what i consider to be the pinnacle position in this Industry.


On the private side: I enjoy computer games, blogging as of recently, social media ehh maybe not so much. Consider myself an introvert rather extrovert . Father of two, house and car owner.


Niklas Zintio 2015-07-22