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You are Googles product! 

  Did you ever stop and think what Googles product really is? Did you wonder why using Google is free? 
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Why SEO hosting?

  The general idea with Seo hosting is to create an illusion of link diversification. Instead of working with outreach or linkbaits you simply build, host and maintain sites yourself on diversified IP addresses in order for any linkage to appear natural.  
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What is WordPress Multisite?

  WordPress multisite was standalone feature up until WordPress 3.0 but has since merged into the main installation and serves as an easy way to manage multiple sites from a master account.  
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A declaration of blogging

A declaration of blogging Write what i think is relevant and not to an audience in mind. Blogg to be updated once a week. Swim against the current. Be true about how and who i am as a person. No cursing. Do it in such a away that it hurts on an emotional level. Write
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